Cyclus User Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will build, run and analyze a fuel cycle scenario using Cyclist, the graphical user interface developed specifically for the Cyclus fuel cycle simulator. This tutorial assumes that the learner is already familiar with the purpose of a fuel cycle simulator. This tutorial will require an internet connection so that Cyclus can be run remotely.


During this tutorial, we will create two separate fuel cycle scenarios:

  1. A simple once-through scenario: The purpose of this exercise is to introduce the basic concepts of Cyclus and the layout of the user interface.
  2. A MOX recycle scenario with growing energy demand: The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate a more complete set of current capabilities.

Exercise #2

The description of this exercise will be described with less detail and more flexibility than the previous exercise. This should allow you to test your new-found knowledge, learn to explore your own analysis, and try some things on your own, all with the support of the Cyclus development team.