Archetype Development Tutorial [C++]

In this tutorial, we will work through a number of steps for creating a Facility archetype for Cyclus. This tutorial assumes that the learner is already reasonably familiar with programming in C++ and with the primary vocabulary of Cyclus. We also assume that the learner has a Github account.


Through this tutorial, we will transform a copy of the Cycstub repository into an open source Cyclus archetype module that includes an archetype to simulate a very simple interim storage facility, named “Storage”. Ultimately, this facility will have the following characteristics, all definable by the user:

  • a fixed rate at which it can transfer material
  • a minimum time that material stays in storage
  • a fixed storage capacity

This tutorial has the following steps:


If you ever see an error like ERROR(core ):SQL error [INSERT INTO AgentState... simply remove the output database with $ rm cyclus.sqlite and rerun the simulation