Adding a Separations FacilityΒΆ

The separations facility will request all the commodities in its Feed Commodity List, and separate them into any number of streams, plus a waste stream.

  • Our feed commodity list should include both:
    • Used-UOX-Fuel
    • Used-MOX-Fuel
  • The maximum feed inventory is the most feed material that we’ll have on hand: 1000 tonnes.
  • The maxium separations throughout is the size of our plant: 80 tonnes/timestep
  • This simple scenario will have a single output stream: Separated-Fissile
    • we will hold no more than 5 tonnes of separated material on hand at any time
    • 99% of all Pu (94000) will go into that stream
  • all other material will go to waste

In user level 1, we will change the “Leftover Commodity” to be Separated-Waste.