Getting Started on Recycle

This exercise will start with some simple activities based on what you learned in the first exercise.

Activity: Adding Archetypes

We will need two additional archetypes:

  1. Add the cycamore FuelFab archetype
  2. Add the cycamore Separations archetype

Activity: Adding Commodities

We will need 4 additional commodities:

  1. Fresh-MOX-Fuel
  2. Used-MOx-Fuel
  3. Separated-Fissile
  4. Separated-Waste

Activity: Adding Recipes

We’ll continue with very approximate recipes by adding a single recipe for Used-MOX-Fuel-4:

U-235 0.002
U-238 0.94
Pu-239 0.01
Pu-240 0.002
Cs-137 0.046