Adding a second reactor

Simple simulations can easily be expanded into more complex problems. To demonstrate this, we will now add a second reactor, 1000We Lightwater-1, to our simulation. This reactor will have a lifetime of 360 months (30 years), cycle time of 12 months, assembly size of 30160 kg, and power capacity 1000 MWe. Using this information, let’s construct the facility input section of this reactor.

Activity: Second Reactor

Using the reactor facility archetype and the table below, create the reactor prototype.

Variable Value
name 1000We Lightwater-1
lifetime 360
Archetype Reactor
fuel_incommods fresh-uox
fuel_inrecipes fresh-uox
fuel_outcommods spent-uox
fuel_outrecipes spent-uox
cycle_time 12
refuel_time 1
assem_size 30160
n_assem_core 3
n_assem_batch 1
power_cap 1000

Once complete, your reactor prototype should look like:

  <name>1000We Lightwater-1</name>
      <fuel_incommods> <val>fresh-uox</val> </fuel_incommods>
      <fuel_inrecipes> <val>fresh-uox</val> </fuel_inrecipes>
      <fuel_outcommods> <val>spent-uox</val> </fuel_outcommods>
      <fuel_outrecipes> <val>spent-uox</val> </fuel_outrecipes>

Append this prototype right after the 1178MWe BRAIDWOOD-1 prototype.

Activity: Second reactor Institution

We must add this second reactor into the region and facility section of our Cyclus input file. To do so, go to the entry header under the initialfacilitylist section of the region block of the input file and add

  <prototype>1000We Lightwater-1</prototype>

below the 1178MWe BRAIDWOOD-1 entry block. The Reactor section of the region block should now look like,

          <prototype>1178MWe BRAIDWOOD-1</prototype>
          <prototype>1000We Lightwater-1</prototype>
      <name>Exelon Reactors</name>


Note: the blank space between </institution> and </region> is for additional institutions in the future.

Save your input file as input_file2.xml and run the Cyclus simulation. If your simulation runs into errors, sample files can be found here under input_secondreactor.xml or ouput_secondreactor.sqlite.