Starting a New Scenario

Problem Definition

We will start with a new scenario representing a simplified once-through fuel cycle. For the purpose of this tutorial, the scenario will include:

  • mine of natural uranium
  • enrichment facility producing 4% enriched uranium oxide fuel
  • LWR reactor consuming fresh fuel and producing used fuel
  • repository to house all spent fuel

More details about each of these facilities will discussed when we are required to provide that input.

Activity: Open the Main View

To begin a new scenario:

  1. Select the Scenario Builder tab in the workspace.
  2. Drag the Main View tool and drop it into the workspace.
The Simulation Detail pane

This view has the following sections:

  1. Simulation details
  2. Archetype discovery
  3. Commodity List
  4. Archetype ribbon
  5. Fuel cycle design pane

Concept: Simulation Time Steps

Cyclus uses a time-step approach to march through time and determine what actions are taken by each agent at each point in time. Each time step includes the following phases:

  • new agents may enter the system (deployment)
  • each agent prepares for exchange of material
  • agents engage in material trades
  • each agent acts after the exchange of material
  • agents may leave the system (decommissioning)

Users do not have to manage these phases, but must provide the following information for all simulations:

  1. Duration: the number of months to be simulated
  2. Start Month: the first month of the simulation
  3. Start Year: the first year of the simulation
  4. Decay treatment: Turn off all decay (“never”) or allow individual archetypes to implement it
  5. Simulation Handle: An optional unique identifier for this particular simulation.
  6. Description: A brief discription for your benefit.

We’ll return later to the topics of generating, loading and executing an input file.

Activity: Set Simulation Parameters

The top level simulation parameters are shown in the Simulation Details pane (see below).

Enter the following data:

  1. Duration: 600
  2. First Month: June
  3. First Year: 2015
  4. Decay: Never
  5. Simulation Handle: leave blank for default simulation handle
  6. Description: ANS 2015 Tutorial
Annotated view of the Cycic Main View