Working with Cyclus in the Cloud

Choosing Where to Run

The Cyclist user interface can be used to run simulations on your local machine, if you have Cyclus installed, or in an appropriately configured cloud resource. The advantage of using a local machine is that you can control which archetypes are availabe. The advantage of using a remote machine is that you don’t have to install the entire Cyclus toolset on your local machine.

For today’s tutorial, a cloud resource has been made availale at This is the same resources that is used to run Cyclus from the Cyclus home page.

Activity: Execute your Scneario in the Cloud

  1. Select the Server:
  2. Click the “Execute” button
  3. This will launch a job and show you the status in the “Jobs” panel.
Job status is shown when executing in the cloud

Activity: Retrieve your Results for Analysis

  1. When your simulation in the cloud has finished, it will indicate in the Jobs pane.
Job status is shown when executing in the cloud
  1. Right-click on the job number and select “Load Simulation”
  2. Switch to the “Data Exploration” tab in the Workspace.

Backup: Files for Success

In case your run did not succeed, you can retrieve these files to continue: