Running Simulations

To run a simulation you must use the Cyclus command line utility:

$ ./path/to/cyclus [options] [input-file]

Or you may run directly through Python:

$ python -m cyclus [options] [input-file]

For more information, please refer to the help:

$ cyclus -h
Usage:   cyclus [opts] [input-file]

  -h [ --help ]            produce help message
  -V [ --version ]         print cyclus core and dependency versions and quit
  --restart arg            restart from the specified simulation snapshot
  --schema                 dump the cyclus master schema including all
                           installed module schemas
  --agent-schema arg       dump the schema for the named agent
  --schema-path arg        manually specify the path to the cyclus master
  --flat-schema            use the flat master simulation schema
  --agent-annotations arg  dump the annotations for the named agent
  --no-agent               only print log entries from cyclus core code
  --no-mem                 exclude memory log statement from logger output
  -v [ --verb ] arg        output log verbosity. Can be text:

                              LEV_ERROR (least verbose, default), LEV_WARN,
                              LEV_INFO1 (through 5), and LEV_DEBUG1 (through

                           Or an integer:

                              0 (LEV_ERROR equiv) through 11 (LEV_DEBUG5 equiv)

  -o [ --output-path ] arg output path
  --input-file arg         input file
  --warn-limit arg         number of warnings to issue per kind, defaults to 1
  --warn-as-error          throw errors when warnings are issued
  -p [ --path ]            print the CYCLUS_PATH
  --include                print the cyclus include directory
  --install-path           print the cyclus install directory
  --build-path             print the cyclus build directory
  --rng-schema             print the path to
  --nuc-data               print the path to cyclus_nuc_data.h5


$ cyclus ./path/to/myinput.xml

$ cyclus -v LEV_DEBUG5

$ python -m cyclus -v LEV_INFO3 myinput.json

$ cyclus -v 4 myinput.xml