Custom Cyclus Installation

The installation using the install script can be customized using the following flags:

-h, --help show the help message and exit
--build_dir BUILD_DIR where to place the build directory
--uninstall uninstall
--no-update do not update the hash in
--clean-build attempt to remove the build directory before building
-j THREADS, --threads THREADS the number of threads to use in the make step
--prefix PREFIX the relative path to the installation directory
--config-only only configure the package, do not build or install
--build-only only build the package, do not install
--test run tests after building
--coin_root COIN_ROOT the relative path to the Coin-OR libraries directory
--boost_root BOOST_ROOT the relative path to the Boost libraries directory
--hdf5_root HDF5_ROOT the path to the HDF5 libraries directory
--cmake_prefix_path CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH the cmake prefix path for use with FIND_PACKAGE, FIND_PATH, FIND_PROGRAM, or FIND_LIBRARY macros
--build_type BUILD_TYPE change the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
-D VAR set environment variable(s).

For example, if you have installed coin-Cbc from source or otherwise have it installed in a non-standard location, you should make use of the coin_root installation flag. The otherwise identical process would look like:

.../cyclus$  python --coin_root=path/to/coin

CMake Cyclus Installation

If you are CMake aficionado you can also install Cyclus without using the python script and use cmake directly, which should look like:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/.local/
make install

As usual you can customize your cmake installation using the proper cmake flag. All cmake variables can be listed using: cmake -LAH. The main variables used are:

COIN_ROOT_DIR set Coin-OT library directory
BOOST_ROOT set Boost libraries directory
HDF5_ROOT set HDF5 root directory
HDF5_LIBRARIES set HDF5 libraries path
HDF5_LIBRARY_DIRS set HDF5 library directory
HDF5_INCLUDE_DIRS set HDF5 include directory

All variables can be set using -DMY_VARIABLE=MY_VARIABLES_VALUE.