cymetric.execution - Execution

Execution for cymetric.

class cymetric.execution.ColumnProxy(name)

A proxy object for column that returns condition 3-tuples from comparison operations.

class cymetric.execution.ExecutionContext(evaler=None, db=None, *args, **kwargs)

An execution context for the command line or any other situation that involves the automatic injection of metric names, column names, etc.


Returns copy of metrics in (key, value) form.


Returns copy of metric keys.


Returns copy of metric values.

class cymetric.execution.MetricProxy(name, evaler=None)

A proxy metric for nicer spelling of metrics in an execution context. Objects of this class are bound to an evaluator and will return a data frame when indexed. Index parameters are interpreted as query conditions.

cymetric.execution.exec_code(code, db, write=True)

Runs a code snipper in the context of a database.


Determines if a key means that there are no conditions given.


Parses a condition and returns the canonical 3-tuple.