Style Guidelines for Developers

Cyclus uses the Google C++ Style Guide and Google Python Style Guide. In order to ensure compliance with these styles, we recommend the Artistic Style tool with the following settings located in Cyclus repo. However, be wary of applying this tool blindly because it has some limits and bugs. Cpplint and Pylint are other helpful tools to check your code for style and syntax errors. Unfortunately, these tools may also suffer false positives and false negatives.

Doxygen Code Documentation

The definitive documentation of any software is the source code itself. Cyclus will relies on Doxygen for automation of rich documentation from appropriately formatted comments in the source code. Current Doxygen documentation can be found online for both cyclus and cycamore. These pages will be updated nightly.

Documentation is a make target in the CMake build system. Documentation will automatically be built when you make all. You can build only the documentation by running make cyclusdoc instead of make all or make.