Review of Cyclus Code and Associated Modules/Tools Development - Argonne National Lab (10/23/14)


8:00 Welcomes - Fuel Cycle Options Campaign & Cyclus Development Team B.P. Singh (DOE) R. Wigeland (INL) T. Taiwo (ANL) P. Wilson (U. Wisc)
8:20 Introductory Comments by DOE Technical Point of Conctact for Cyclus Related-Activities
  1. Dixon (INL)
8:30 Cyclus Development: History, Strategy, Contributors, Funding, Future Developmental Needs, and Potential Users
  1. Wilson (U. Wisc)
9:30 Cyclus v1.1 Status and Capabilities Scopatz (U. Wisc)
10:00 Thrust 1: Stakeholder, Parameter & Metric Identification Brossard (U. Wisc)
10:30 Break  
10:45 Building Cyclus Scenarios with Cycic (Live Demo) Flanagan (U. Texas)
11:15 Exploring Cyclus Results with Cyclist Livnat (U. Utah)
11:45 Module development for FCO analysis Huff (UC- Berkeley)
12:15 Lunch  
13:30 Insights on Fuel Cycle Simulators Price (Consultant)
14:00 Reactor Modules for Cyclus based on Bright-lite Schneider (U. Texas)
14:30 Facility Modules for Cyclus based on Origen Skutnik (U. Tennessee)
15:00 Break  
15:15 Cyclus Optimization Strategies Carlsen (U. Wisc)
15:45 A Cyclus Roadmap Scopatz (U. Wisc)