CEP 80 - Cycamore Archetype API/Warning Requirements

Title:Cycamore Archetype API/Warning Requirements
Author:Matthew Gidden


History has shown that initial designs for archetypes can be quickly found to be insufficient after usage by others. With timely user response, these designs can be updated to be more robust in a short period of time, thereby satisfying a broader range of use cases. This CEP proposes a standard workflow requiring warnings in any new archetype for at least one release cycle.



An archetype developer can design a general archetype that satisfies her set of use cases. After sufficient review, valid and useful archetypes should be merged into Cycamore. A number of use cases have shown that small additions, however, can be made to otherwise useful archetypes that greatly expand their set of use cases. This process is healthy, should be expected, and the ecosystem sanctioned workflow should take account of it.


Any new archetype proposed to be merged into Cycamore must have an ExperimentalWarning in its constructor and its user-facing API (i.e., input file format) is considered unstable. This warning and expected instability must remain until at least the next microrelease.

Backwards Compatibility

Any archetypes in Cycamore at the present time that did not exist at the last microrelease must be updated to conform to this CEP.

Document History

This document is released under the CC-BY 3.0 license.