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pyne::ndsfpy Struct Reference

Detailed Description

a struct matching the '/neutron/nds_fission_product' table in nuc_data.h5

Definition at line 2065 of file pyne.h.

#include <pyne.h>

Public Attributes

int from_nuc
int to_nuc
double yield_14MeV
double yield_14MeV_err
double yield_fast
double yield_fast_err
double yield_thermal
double yield_thermal_err

Member Data Documentation

◆ from_nuc

int pyne::ndsfpy::from_nuc

id of fissioning nuclide

Definition at line 2066 of file pyne.h.

◆ to_nuc

int pyne::ndsfpy::to_nuc

id of fission product

Definition at line 2067 of file pyne.h.

◆ yield_14MeV

double pyne::ndsfpy::yield_14MeV

14 MeV yield [fraction]

Definition at line 2072 of file pyne.h.

◆ yield_14MeV_err

double pyne::ndsfpy::yield_14MeV_err

14 MeV yield error [fraction]

Definition at line 2073 of file pyne.h.

◆ yield_fast

double pyne::ndsfpy::yield_fast

fast yield [fraction]

Definition at line 2070 of file pyne.h.

◆ yield_fast_err

double pyne::ndsfpy::yield_fast_err

fast yield error [fraction]

Definition at line 2071 of file pyne.h.

◆ yield_thermal

double pyne::ndsfpy::yield_thermal

thermal yield [fraction]

Definition at line 2068 of file pyne.h.

◆ yield_thermal_err

double pyne::ndsfpy::yield_thermal_err

thermal yield error [fraction]

Definition at line 2069 of file pyne.h.

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