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cyclus::toolkit::PiecewiseFunctionFactory Class Reference

Detailed Description

A concrete factory for piecewise functions.

Definition at line 66 of file symbolic_function_factories.h.

#include <symbolic_function_factories.h>

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void AddFunction (SymFunction::Ptr function, double starting_coord=0.0, bool continuous=true)
virtual SymFunction::Ptr GetFunctionPtr (std::string params="")
 PiecewiseFunctionFactory ()
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virtual ~SymbFunctionFactory ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PiecewiseFunctionFactory()

cyclus::toolkit::PiecewiseFunctionFactory::PiecewiseFunctionFactory ( )


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Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFunction()

void cyclus::toolkit::PiecewiseFunctionFactory::AddFunction ( SymFunction::Ptr  function,
double  starting_coord = 0.0,
bool  continuous = true 

Add a function to the piecewise function being constructed.

functionthe function to append
starting_coordthe x coordinate to begin this function
continuousif true, the added function and previous function will be continuous, if false, discontinuous

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◆ GetFunctionPtr()

SymFunction::Ptr cyclus::toolkit::PiecewiseFunctionFactory::GetFunctionPtr ( std::string  params = "")

Return a function pointer to a piecewise function.

paramsan empty string by default. if this is not empty, an error is thrown
the piecewise function

Implements cyclus::toolkit::SymbFunctionFactory.

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