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cyclus::UniformTaylor Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class that solves the matrix exponential problem using the Taylor Series with Uniformization method.

Definition at line 14 of file uniform_taylor.h.

#include <uniform_taylor.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static Vector MatrixExpSolver (const Matrix &A, const Vector &x_o, const double t)

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Vector cyclus::UniformTaylor::MatrixExpSolver ( const Matrix A,
const Vector x_o,
const double  t 

Solves the matrix exponential problem:

dx(t) --— = A * x(t) dt

where A is an nxn Matrix and x(t) is a nx1 Vector. The solution to this equation can be determined by calculating:

x(t) = e^(tA) * x(t=0)

Athe Matrix
x_othe initial condition Vector x(t=0)
tthe value for which the solution is being evaluated
the solution Vector x(t)
<string>if the Uniform Taylor method cannot be used

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