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cyclus::SolverFactory Class Reference

Detailed Description

A factory class that, given a configuration, returns a Coin::OsiSolverInterface for a solver.

it is the caller's responsibility to manage the member of the interface

Definition at line 39 of file solver_factory.h.

#include <solver_factory.h>

Public Member Functions

OsiSolverInterface * get ()
void solver_t (std::string t)
const std::string solver_t () const
std::string solver_t ()
 SolverFactory ()
 SolverFactory (std::string t)
 SolverFactory (std::string t, double tmax)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cyclus::SolverFactory::SolverFactory ( )

currently supported solver types are 'clp' and 'cbc'

tthe solver type
tmaxthe maximum solution time

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cyclus::SolverFactory::SolverFactory ( std::string  t)

Definition at line 79 of file

cyclus::SolverFactory::SolverFactory ( std::string  t,
double  tmax 

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Member Function Documentation

OsiSolverInterface * cyclus::SolverFactory::get ( )

get the configured solver

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void cyclus::SolverFactory::solver_t ( std::string  t)

get/set the solver type

Definition at line 49 of file solver_factory.h.

const std::string cyclus::SolverFactory::solver_t ( ) const

Definition at line 50 of file solver_factory.h.

std::string cyclus::SolverFactory::solver_t ( )

Definition at line 51 of file solver_factory.h.

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