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cyclus::ProgSolver Class Reference

Detailed Description

The ProgSolver provides the implementation for a mathematical programming solution to a resource exchange graph.

Definition at line 19 of file prog_solver.h.

#include <prog_solver.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ProgSolver ()
 ProgSolver (std::string solver_t)
 ProgSolver (std::string solver_t, double tmax)
 ProgSolver (std::string solver_t, bool exclusive_orders)
 ProgSolver (std::string solver_t, double tmax, bool exclusive_orders, bool verbose, bool mps)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cyclus::ExchangeSolver
double ArcCost (const Arc &a)
 ExchangeSolver (bool exclusive_orders=kDefaultExclusive)
void graph (ExchangeGraph *graph)
ExchangeGraphgraph () const
double Solve (ExchangeGraph *graph=NULL)
void verbose ()
virtual ~ExchangeSolver ()
void sim_ctx (Context *c)
Contextsim_ctx ()
double PseudoCost ()
double PseudoCost (double cost_factor)
double PseudoCostByCap (double cost_factor)
double PseudoCostByPref (double cost_factor)

Static Public Attributes

static const int kDefaultTimeout = 5 * 60
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static const bool kDefaultExclusive = true

Protected Member Functions

virtual double SolveGraph ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cyclus::ExchangeSolver
static double Cost (const Arc &a, bool exclusive_orders=kDefaultExclusive)
- Protected Attributes inherited from cyclus::ExchangeSolver
bool exclusive_orders_
bool verbose_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProgSolver() [1/4]

cyclus::ProgSolver::ProgSolver ( std::string  solver_t)
solver_tthe solver type, either "cbc" or "clp"
tmaxthe maximum solution time, default kDefaultTimeout
exclusive_orderswhether all orders must be exclusive or not, default false
verboseprint out a lot to stdout, default false
mpsdump mps files for every solve, default false

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◆ ProgSolver() [2/4]

cyclus::ProgSolver::ProgSolver ( std::string  solver_t,
double  tmax 

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◆ ProgSolver() [3/4]

cyclus::ProgSolver::ProgSolver ( std::string  solver_t,
bool  exclusive_orders 

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◆ ProgSolver() [4/4]

cyclus::ProgSolver::ProgSolver ( std::string  solver_t,
double  tmax,
bool  exclusive_orders,
bool  verbose,
bool  mps 

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◆ ~ProgSolver()

cyclus::ProgSolver::~ProgSolver ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ SolveGraph()

double cyclus::ProgSolver::SolveGraph ( )

the ProgSolver solves an ExchangeGraph...

Implements cyclus::ExchangeSolver.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ kDefaultTimeout

const int cyclus::ProgSolver::kDefaultTimeout = 5 * 60

Definition at line 21 of file prog_solver.h.

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