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Json::CustomWriter Class Reference

Detailed Description

Writes a Value in JSON format with custom formatting.

The JSON document is written according to the rules specified in the constructor. Objects and arrays are printed on a single line if they are below a certain length, otherwise they are indented. It is possible to output invalid json if the customizable parameters are specified incorrectly. Set maxWidth to 0 to print output on a single line.

See also
Reader, Value

Definition at line 4696 of file pyne.h.

#include <pyne.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CustomWriter (std::string opencurly="{", std::string closecurly="}", std::string opensquare="[", std::string closesquare="]", std::string colon=":", std::string comma=",", std::string indent=" ", int maxWidth=74)
virtual std::string write (const Value &root)
virtual ~CustomWriter ()
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virtual ~Writer ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Json::CustomWriter::CustomWriter ( std::string  opencurly = "{",
std::string  closecurly = "}",
std::string  opensquare = "[",
std::string  closesquare = "]",
std::string  colon = ":",
std::string  comma = ",",
std::string  indent = "  ",
int  maxWidth = 74 

Definition at line 16867 of file

virtual Json::CustomWriter::~CustomWriter ( )

Definition at line 4707 of file pyne.h.

Member Function Documentation

std::string Json::CustomWriter::write ( const Value root)

Implements Json::Writer.

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