Cyclus 1.3 Release Notes


Cyclus Developers



The Cyclus core team is excited to announce the latest stable version of the cyclus ecosystem!

Major features


  • ~3x speedups for recipe-based simulations

  • Basic inventory policies added

  • Support for recursive containers in archetypes

  • Many new recursive containers added to sqlite backend

  • Regression tests run on macs!

  • A MockSim interface for full simulation testing without input files

  • Added customizeable TimeSeries output for recording archetype-specific time series

  • Added json-to-xml conversion capability

  • Added new ResMap container

  • Decay added (via Pyne)! An input file flag can be set to
    • never: never decay

    • manual: archetypes must call the decay API manually

    • lazy: materials are decayed as needed when their Material::comp function is called


  • New facility archetypes added
    • Reactor

    • FuelFab

    • Separations

    • Enrichment

  • Other facility archetypes removed
    • BatchReactor

    • EnrichmentFacility

  • Some experimental archetype APIs updated
    • GrowthRegion

  • Much better end-of-life fuel handling in reactors

  • Regression tests run on macs!


  • First release for a new analysis and visualization tool for Cyclus simulation output

  • Command line tool and Python interface

  • Calculates metrics of user interest from a Cyclus database
    • Writes metrics back to database

    • Simple for users to extend the suite of metrics
      • Designed so calculations can be based on dependencies (other metrics or root metrics)

      • Uses pandas data types

    • Uses PyNE for nuclear data

  • Visualization available from the command line via matplotlib


Since v1.2.0,

  • Cyclus: 409 commits resulting in 113 files changed, 8466 insertions(+), 1760 deletions(-)

  • Cycamore: 353 commits resulting in 79 files changed, 7466 insertions(+), 6830 deletions(-)

  • Cymetric: 366 commits resulting in 49 files changed, 5978 insertions(+), 266 deletions(-)


The following people contributed to this release of Cyclus. A “*” by their name indicates a first time contributor. Names follow alphabetically,

  • Robert Carlsen

  • Denia Djokic*

  • Robert Flanagan

  • Matthew Gidden

  • Katy Huff

  • Meghan McGarry*

  • Arrielle Opotowsky

  • Olzhas Rakhimov

  • Anthony Scopatz

  • Paul Wilson

  • John Xia