Cyclus 1.2 Release Notes

Author:Cyclus Developers

The Cyclus core team is excited to announce the latest stable version of the cyclus ecosystem! This includes over 125 commits by 5 developers.

Major features

  • Added ‘entity’ key to the archetype annotations. This may take on one of the following values: region, institution, facility, archetype, or unknown.
  • Added further reflection to archetypes by including ‘parents’ and ‘all_parents’ lists to the metadata.
  • Added archetype name to metadata annotations.
  • Nicer looking JSON strings.
  • Fixed dynamic loading error that was triggered in weird cases on linux.
  • The command cyclus -m now returns all metadata.
  • Added Squash() functions to MatQuery class.
  • Added ‘nuclide’ to availible ‘uitypes’.
  • Added Extra debugging info via CYCLUS_DEBUG_DRE environment variable.
  • Added new experimental ResBuf class for resource buffering.
  • Added optional tails buffer to enrichment class.
  • Many bug fixes.

Since v1.1,

  • Cyclus: 95 commits resulted in 644 changed files encompassing a net 2347 line insertions(+) and 397 deletions(-).
  • Cycamore: 33 commits resulted in 15 changed files encompassing a net 93 line insertions(+) and 91 deletions(-).


The following people contributed to this release of Cyclus. A “*” by their name indicates a first time contributor. Names follow alphabetically,

  • Robert Carlsen
  • Robert Flanagan*
  • Matthew Gidden
  • Katy Huff
  • Arrielle Opotowsky
  • Olzhas Rakhimov
  • Anthony Scopatz
  • Zach Welch
  • Paul Wilson
  • John Xia*