Cyclus 1.0 Release Notes

Author:Cyclus Developers

The Cyclus core team is excited to announce the latest stable version of the cyclus ecosystem! This includes over 5000 commits by 8 developers.

Major features

  • Cyclus Enhancement Proposal (CEP) system for large changes

  • Testing suite

    • unit tests
    • integration tests (continuous through BaTLab and Polyphemus)
    • regression tests
  • Resource tracking functionality and resource interface simplicity (CEP 17)

  • Complicated fuel cycles enabled via dynamic resource exchange (CEP 18)

  • Advanced time step execution for consistent agent behavior (CEP 20)

  • Basic modules in Cyclus core, advanced modules in Cycamore

    • relatedly, agent identification (CEP 21)
  • Pre-processing

    • auto-generate input/output archetype code for supported datatypes
  • Simulation initialization and restart

  • Now using PyNE for nuclear data (

  • Basic Lodtka-Volterra predator/prey-like simulation behavior demonstrated

  • Updated build system

    • kernel in $PREFIX/lib/ as cyclus (i.e., or libcyclus.dylib)
    • cyclus agents in $PREFIX/lib/cyclus as agents
    • cyclus generic agent archetype unit tests in $PREFIX/lib/cyclus as baseagentunittests
    • cycamore agents in $PREFIX/lib/cyclus as cycamore
    • cyclus unit tests in $PREFIX/bin as cyclus_unit_tests
    • cycamore unit tests in $PREFIX/bin as cycamore_unit_tests
    • support for easy build/install of modules with single agent archetype and associated tests
    • support for easy build/install of modules of group of agent archetypes and associated tests
  • Toolkit

    • separation of additional “helper” classes and interfaces out of kernel source directory and namespace
  • Significantly updated database schema, utilized for both canonical input and output

    • supports variable length datatypes for both sqlite and hdf5

Since v0.4

  • Cyclus: 1,125 commits resulted in 262 changed files encompassing a net 33,825 line insertions(+) and 9,676 deletions(-).
  • Cycamore: 270 commits resulted in 133 changed files encompassing a net 2,243 line insertions(+) and 95,294 deletions(-).


The following people contributed to this release of Cyclus. A “*” by their name indicates a first time contributor. Names follow alphabetically,

  • Robert Carlsen
  • Matthew Gidden
  • Katy Huff
  • Arrielle Opotowsky
  • Olzhas Rakhimov
  • Anthony Scopatz
  • Zach Welch
  • Paul Wilson