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pyne::dose Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A struct matching the dose factor table in nuc_data.h5.

Definition at line 1944 of file pyne.h.

#include <pyne.h>

Public Attributes

double ext_air_dose
double ext_soil_dose
double fluid_frac
double ingest_dose
double inhale_dose
char lung_mod
int nuc
double ratio

Member Data Documentation

◆ ext_air_dose

double pyne::dose::ext_air_dose

nuclide ext_air dose factor [mrem/h per Ci/m^3]

Definition at line 1946 of file pyne.h.

◆ ext_soil_dose

double pyne::dose::ext_soil_dose

nuclide ext_soil dose factor [mrem/h per Ci/m^2]

Definition at line 1948 of file pyne.h.

◆ fluid_frac

double pyne::dose::fluid_frac

fraction of activity abosorbed in body fluids

Definition at line 1950 of file pyne.h.

◆ ingest_dose

double pyne::dose::ingest_dose

nuclide dose factor due to ingestion [mrem/pCi]

Definition at line 1949 of file pyne.h.

◆ inhale_dose

double pyne::dose::inhale_dose

nuclide dose factor due to inhalation [mrem/pCi]

Definition at line 1951 of file pyne.h.

◆ lung_mod

char pyne::dose::lung_mod

model of lung used (time of biological half life– D, W, or Y)

Definition at line 1952 of file pyne.h.

◆ nuc

int pyne::dose::nuc

nuclide in id form

Definition at line 1945 of file pyne.h.

◆ ratio

double pyne::dose::ratio

ratio of external air dose factor to dose factor due to inhalation

Definition at line 1947 of file pyne.h.

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