Class Hierarchy
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 Ccyclus::toolkit::AgentManagedThis is a mixin class that provides an interface to access the underlying agent that manages it
 Cpyne::alphaStruct matching the '/decay/alphas' table in nuc_data.h5
 Ccyclus::ArcAn arc represents a possible connection between two nodes in the bipartite resource exchange graph
 Cpretty_print::array_wrapper_n< T >
 Ccyclus::toolkit::AssaysA simple container class for enrichment assays
 Cpyne::atomicStructure for atomic data
 Cpyne::atomic_mass_dataStruct matching the atomic_mass table in nuc_data.h5
 Cboost::spirit::basic_hold_any< Char >
 Ccyclus::toolkit::BasicFunctionFactoryA concrete factory that can provide access to basic symbolic functions
 CJson::BatchAllocator< AllocatedType, objectPerAllocation >
 Cpyne::betaStruct matching the '/decay/betas' table in nuc_data.h5
 Ccyclus::Bid< T >A Bid encapsulates all the information required to communicate a bid response to a request for a resource, including the resource bid and the bidder
 Ccyclus::BlobA type to represent variable-length array of bytes for dumping to a cyclus output database
 Ccyclus::toolkit::BuildOrderA struct for a build order: the number of producers to build
 Ccyclus::CapacityConstraint< T >A CapacityConstraint provides an ability to determine an agent's constraints on resource allocation given a capacity
 Cpyne::enrichment::CascadeA set of physical parameters used to specify an enrichment cascade
 Cpretty_print::has_begin_end< T >::ChT< C, C >
 Ccyclus::DynamicModule::CloserConvenience class for using a stack variable to auto-destruct all loaded dynamic modules
 Ccyclus::toolkit::CommodInfoA container to hold information about a commodity
 Ccyclus::toolkit::CommodityA simple class defining a commodity; it is currently super simple
 Ccyclus::toolkit::CommodityCompareA comparator so that commodities may be used in maps we do not care how they are compared, only that they can be
 Ccyclus::CommodMap< T >
 Ccyclus::CompositionAn immutable object responsible for holding a nuclide composition
 Ccyclus::CondRepresents a condition used to filter rows returned by a query
 Cpretty_print::conditional< bool, S, T >
 Cpretty_print::conditional< false, S, T >
 Cpretty_print::conditional< true, S, T >
 CTradeExecutor::ContextHolding class for information related to a TradeExecutor
 Ccyclus::ProgTranslator::ContextThis class is now deprecated
 Ccyclus::ContextA simulation context provides access to necessary simulation-global functions and state
 Ccyclus::Converter< T >Simple interface for converting resource objects to unit capacities
 Cpretty_print::custom_delims< Delims >
 Ccyclus::CycArithmeticCycArithmetic is a toolkit for arithmetic
 Ccyclus::DatumUsed to specify and send a collection of key-value pairs to the Recorder for recording
 Ccyclus::DbInitDbInit provides an interface for agents to record data to the output db that automatically injects the agent's id and current timestep alongside all recorded data
 Cpyne::decayStruct matching the '/decay/decays' table in nuc_data.h5
 Ccyclus::DecayerDecayer is DEPRECATED. Use pyne::decayers::decay
 Ccyclus::RecBackend::DeleterConvenience class for using a stack variable to auto-destruct a Recbackend
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< T, TChar >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::multiset< T, TComp, TAllocator >, char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::multiset< T, TComp, TAllocator >, wchar_t >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::pair< T1, T2 >, char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::pair< T1, T2 >, wchar_t >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::set< T, TComp, TAllocator >, char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::set< T, TComp, TAllocator >, wchar_t >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::tr1::unordered_multiset< T, THash, TEqual, TAllocator >, char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::tr1::unordered_multiset< T, THash, TEqual, TAllocator >, wchar_t >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::tr1::unordered_set< T, THash, TEqual, TAllocator >, char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< ::std::tr1::unordered_set< T, THash, TEqual, TAllocator >, wchar_t >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< T, char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters< T, wchar_t >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters_values< TChar >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters_values< char >
 Cpretty_print::delimiters_values< wchar_t >
 Ccyclus::DigestThe digest type for SHA1s
 Cpyne::doseA struct matching the dose factor table in nuc_data.h5
 Cpretty_print::has_begin_end< T >::Dummy
 Cpyne::ecbpA struct matching the '/decay/ecbp' table in nuc_data.h5
 Cpretty_print::enable_if< bool, T >
 Cpretty_print::enable_if< true, T >
 Ccyclus::EnvAn environment utility to help locate files and find environment settings
 Ccyclus::ExchangeContext< T >The ExchangeContext is designed to provide an ease-of-use interface for querying and reaggregating information regarding requests and bids of a resource exchange
 Ccyclus::ExchangeGraphAn ExchangeGraph is a resource-neutral representation of a ResourceExchange
 Ccyclus::ExchangeManager< T >The ExchangeManager is designed to house all of the internals involved in executing a resource exchange
 Ccyclus::ExchangeNodeExchangeNodes are used in ExchangeGraphs to house information about a given translated Bid or Request
 Ccyclus::ExchangeNodeGroupA ExchangeNodeGroup is a collection of ExchangeNodes, and is the ExchangeGraph representation of a BidPortfolio or RequestPortfolio
 Ccyclus::ExchangeSolverVery simple interface for solving translated resource exchanges
 Ccyclus::ExchangeTranslationContext< T >An ExchangeTranslationContext is a simple holder class for any information needed to translate a ResourceExchange to and from an ExchangeGraph
 Ccyclus::ExchangeTranslator< T >An ExchangeTranslator facilitates translation from a resource specific exchange to a resource-neutral exchange, upon which generic solvers can be applied
 Cpretty_print::has_begin_end< T >::Fallback
 CJson::FeaturesConfiguration passed to reader and writer
 Cboost::spirit::detail::fxn_ptr_table< Char >
 Cboost::spirit::detail::fxns< Small >
 Cboost::spirit::detail::fxns< mpl::false_ >
 Cboost::spirit::detail::fxns< mpl::true_ >
 Cpyne::gammaStruct matching the '/decay/gammas' table in nuc_data.h5
 Cpretty_print::get_iterator< T >
 Cpretty_print::get_iterator< T[N]>
 Cboost::spirit::detail::get_table< T >
 Ccyclus::GreedyPreconditionerA GreedyPreconditioner conditions an ExchangeGraph for a GreedySolver by ordering the RequestGroups and ExchangeNodes within each RequestGroup weighted by their commodity's importance
 Cpretty_print::has_begin_end< T >
 Cpretty_print::has_const_iterator< T >
 Ch5wrap::HomogenousTypeTable< T >A class representing a high-level table contruct whose columns all have the same type T in C/C++ (and the analogous type in HDF5)
 Ccyclus::InfileTreeA class for extracting information from a given XML parser
 Ccyclus::IntrusiveBase< Derived >IntrusiveBase provides a base class that fulfulls basic requirements for a (sub) class to be used in a boost::intrusive_ptr
 Cpretty_print::is_container< T >
 Cpretty_print::is_container< char[N]>
 Cpretty_print::is_container< T[N]>
 Cpyne::level_dataStruct matching the '/decay/level_list' table in nuc_data.h5
 Ccyclus::LoggerA logging tool providing finer grained control over standard output for debugging and other purposes
 Cpyne::MaterialMaterial composed of nuclides
 Cpyne::material_dataA stuct for reprensenting fundemental data in a material
 Ccyclus::toolkit::MatQueryA class that provides convenience methods for querying a material's properties
 Ccyclus::MockAgentMockAgent is a template for accumulating configuration information used to generate a source or sink facility in a MockSimulation
 Ccyclus::MockSimMockSim is a helper for running full simulations entirely in-code to test archetypes/agents without having to deal with input files, output database files, and other pieces of the full Cyclus stack
 Cpyne::ndsfpyStruct matching the '/neutron/nds_fission_product' table in nuc_data.h5
 Cpyne::ndsfpysubStruct for the nds data for fpyield
 CJson::PathExperimental and untested: represents a "path" to access a node
 CJson::PathArgumentExperimental and untested: represents an element of the "path" to access a node
 Ccyclus::PrefMap< T >
 Cpretty_print::pretty_tuple_helper< Tuple, N, TChar, TCharTraits >
 Cpretty_print::pretty_tuple_helper< Tuple, 1, TChar, TCharTraits >
 Cpretty_print::print_container_helper< T, TChar, TCharTraits, TDelimiters >
 Ccyclus::ProgTranslatorHelper class to translate a product exchange into a mathematical program
 Ccyclus::ProgTranslatorContextStruct to hold all problem instance state
 Cpyne::q_val_dataStruct matching the q_value table in nuc_data.h5
 Ccyclus::QueryableBackendInterface implemented by backends that support rudimentary querying
 Ccyclus::QueryResultMeta data and results of a query
 CJson::ReaderUnserialize a JSON document into a Value
 Ccyclus::RecBackendAn abstract base class for listeners (e.g
 Ccyclus::RecorderCollects and manages output data generation for the cyclus core and agents during a simulation
 Ccyclus::Request< T >A Request encapsulates all the information required to communicate the needs of an agent in the Dynamic Resource Exchange, including the commodity it needs as well as a resource specification for that commodity
 Ccyclus::toolkit::ResBuf< T >ResBuf is a helper class that provides semi-automated management of a collection of resources (e.g
 Ccyclus::toolkit::ResBuf< cyclus::Material >
 Ccyclus::toolkit::ResMap< K, R >ResMap container for the management of resources
 Ccyclus::ResourceResource defines an abstract interface implemented by types that are offered, requested, and transferred between simulation agents
 Ccyclus::toolkit::ResourceBuffResourceBuff is a helper function that provides semi-automated management of resource buffers (e.g
 Ccyclus::ResourceExchange< T >The ResourceExchange class manages the communication for the supply and demand of resources in a simulation
 Ccyclus::ResTrackerTracks and records the state and parent-child relationships of resources as they are changed
 Cpyne::scattering_lengthsStruct matching the '/neutron/scattering_lengths' table in nuc_data.h5
 Ccyclus::SimInfoContainer for a static simulation-global parameters that both describe the simulation and affect its behavior
 Ccyclus::SimInitHandles initialization of a simulation from the output database
 Ccyclus::SolverFactoryA factory class that, given a configuration, returns a Coin::OsiSolverInterface for a solver
 Ccyclus::SqliteDbAn abstraction over the Sqlite native C interface to simplify database creation and data insertion
 Ccyclus::SqlStatementThin wrapper class over sqlite3 prepared statements
 Ccyclus::StateWranglerAn abjstract interface that must be implemented by all simulation agents and all agent member variables that have unexported internal state
 CJson::StaticStringLightweight wrapper to tag static string
 CJson::StyledStreamWriterWrites a Value in JSON format in a human friendly way, to a stream rather than to a string
 Cpyne::swapmapcompareData access functions
 Ccyclus::toolkit::SymbFunctionFactoryAn abstract factory for pointers to symbolic functions
 Ccyclus::toolkit::SymFunctionAbstract base class for symbolic functions
 Ccyclus::TimerControls simulation timestepping and inter-timestep phases
 Ccyclus::Trade< T >A Trade is a simple container that associates a request for a resource with a bid for that resource
 Ccyclus::TradeExecutionContext< T >
 Ccyclus::TradeExecutor< T >The TradeExecutor is an object whose task is to execute a collection of Trades
 Ccyclus::TraderA simple API for agents that wish to exchange resources in the simulation
 Cboost::spirit::detail::fxns< mpl::true_ >::type< T, Char >
 Cboost::spirit::detail::fxns< mpl::false_ >::type< T, Char >
 Ccyclus::UniformTaylorA class that solves the matrix exponential problem using the Taylor Series with Uniformization method
 CJson::ValueRepresents a JSON value
 CJson::ValueIteratorBaseBase class for Value iterators
 Cpyne::wimsdfpyStruct matching the '/neutron/wimsd_fission_product' table in nuc_data.h5
 CJson::WriterAbstract class for writers
 Cxd_complex_tComplex type struct, matching PyTables definition
 Ccyclus::XMLFileLoaderHandles initialization of a database with information from a cyclus xml input file
 Ccyclus::XMLParserA helper class to hold xml file data and provide automatic validation