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pyne::enrichment::Cascade Class Reference

Detailed Description

A set of physical parameters used to specify an enrichment cascade.

Definition at line 5150 of file pyne.h.

#include <pyne.h>

Public Member Functions

void _reset_xjs ()
 Cascade ()
 ~Cascade ()

Public Attributes

double alpha
int j
int k
double l_t_per_feed
double M
pyne::Material mat_feed
pyne::Material mat_prod
pyne::Material mat_tail
double Mstar
double N
double swu_per_feed
double swu_per_prod
double x_feed_j
double x_prod_j
double x_tail_j

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pyne::enrichment::Cascade::Cascade ( )

default constructors

Definition at line 18710 of file

pyne::enrichment::Cascade::~Cascade ( )

default destructor

Definition at line 18734 of file

Member Function Documentation

void pyne::enrichment::Cascade::_reset_xjs ( )

Sets x_feed_j to j-th value of mat_feed.

Definition at line 18738 of file

Member Data Documentation

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::alpha

stage separation factor

Definition at line 5162 of file pyne.h.

int pyne::enrichment::Cascade::j

Component to enrich (U-235), id form.

Definition at line 5165 of file pyne.h.

int pyne::enrichment::Cascade::k

Component to de-enrich, or strip (U-238), id form.

Definition at line 5166 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::l_t_per_feed

Total flow rate per feed rate.

Definition at line 5179 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::M

number of stripping stages

Definition at line 5169 of file pyne.h.

pyne::Material pyne::enrichment::Cascade::mat_feed

feed material

Definition at line 5175 of file pyne.h.

pyne::Material pyne::enrichment::Cascade::mat_prod

product material

Definition at line 5176 of file pyne.h.

pyne::Material pyne::enrichment::Cascade::mat_tail

tails material

Definition at line 5177 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::Mstar

mass separation factor

Definition at line 5163 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::N

number of enriching stages

Definition at line 5168 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::swu_per_feed

This is the SWU for 1 kg of Feed material.

Definition at line 5180 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::swu_per_prod

This is the SWU for 1 kg of Product material.

Definition at line 5181 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::x_feed_j

enrichment of the j-th isotope in the feed stream

Definition at line 5171 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::x_prod_j

enrichment of the j-th isotope in the product stream

Definition at line 5172 of file pyne.h.

double pyne::enrichment::Cascade::x_tail_j

enrichment of the j-th isotope in the tails stream

Definition at line 5173 of file pyne.h.

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