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cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager Class Reference

Detailed Description

This is a manager class that manages a set of commodities.

Those commodities have a certain demand function associated with them and a list of producers who can produce the commodities.

The SupplyDemandManager simply keeps track of this information and provides the demand and supply of a commodity at a given time. What to do with this information is left to the user of the SupplyDemandManager.

Definition at line 23 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

#include <supply_demand_manager.h>

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Public Member Functions

double Demand (Commodity &commodity, int time)
SymFunction::Ptr DemandFunction (Commodity &commodity)
bool ManagesCommodity (Commodity &commodity)
void RegisterCommodity (Commodity &commodity, SymFunction::Ptr demand)
void RegisterProducerManager (CommodityProducerManager *cpm)
double Supply (Commodity &commodity)
 SupplyDemandManager (Agent *agent=NULL)
void UnregisterProducerManager (CommodityProducerManager *cpm)
virtual ~SupplyDemandManager ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cyclus::toolkit::AgentManaged
Agentagent () const
 AgentManaged (Agent *agent=NULL)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SupplyDemandManager()

cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::SupplyDemandManager ( Agent agent = NULL)

Definition at line 25 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

◆ ~SupplyDemandManager()

virtual cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::~SupplyDemandManager ( )

Definition at line 26 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Demand()

double cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::Demand ( Commodity commodity,
int  time 

The demand for a commodity at a given time.

commoditythe commodity
timethe time

Definition at line 57 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

◆ DemandFunction()

SymFunction::Ptr cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::DemandFunction ( Commodity commodity)

Returns the demand function for a commodity.

commoditythe commodity being queried

Definition at line 63 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

◆ ManagesCommodity()

bool cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::ManagesCommodity ( Commodity commodity)
true if the demand for a commodity is managed by this entity
commoditythe commodity in question

Definition at line 39 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

◆ RegisterCommodity()

void cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::RegisterCommodity ( Commodity commodity,
SymFunction::Ptr  demand 

Register a new commodity with the manager, along with all the necessary information.

commoditythe commodity
demanda smart pointer to the demand function

Definition at line 32 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

◆ RegisterProducerManager()

void cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::RegisterProducerManager ( CommodityProducerManager cpm)

Adds a commodity producer manager to the set of producer managers.

Definition at line 44 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

◆ Supply()

double cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::Supply ( Commodity commodity)

Returns the current supply of a commodity.

commoditythe commodity
the current supply of the commodity

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◆ UnregisterProducerManager()

void cyclus::toolkit::SupplyDemandManager::UnregisterProducerManager ( CommodityProducerManager cpm)

Removes a commodity producer manager from the set of producer managers.

Definition at line 50 of file supply_demand_manager.h.

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