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cyclus::SqliteDb Class Reference

Detailed Description

An abstraction over the Sqlite native C interface to simplify database creation and data insertion.

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#include <sqlite_db.h>

Public Member Functions

void close ()
void Execute (std::string cmd)
void open ()
void Overwrite ()
SqlStatement::Ptr Prepare (std::string sql)
std::vector< StrListQuery (std::string cmd)
 SqliteDb (std::string path, bool readonly=false)
virtual ~SqliteDb ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SqliteDb()

cyclus::SqliteDb::SqliteDb ( std::string  path,
bool  readonly = false 

Creates a new Sqlite database to be stored at the specified path.

paththe path+name for the sqlite database file
readonlya boolean indicating true if db is readonly

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◆ ~SqliteDb()

cyclus::SqliteDb::~SqliteDb ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ close()

void cyclus::SqliteDb::close ( )

Finishes any incomplete operations and closes the database.

IOErrorif failed to close the database properly

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◆ Execute()

void cyclus::SqliteDb::Execute ( std::string  cmd)

Execute an SQL command.

cmdan Sqlite compatible SQL command
IOErrorSQL command execution failed (e.g. invalid SQL)

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◆ open()

void cyclus::SqliteDb::open ( )

Opens the sqlite database by either opening/creating a file (default) or creating/overwriting a file (see the overwrite method).

IOErrorif failed to open existing database

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◆ Overwrite()

void cyclus::SqliteDb::Overwrite ( )

Instead of opening a file of the specified name (if it already exists), overwrite it with a new empty database.

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◆ Prepare()

SqlStatement::Ptr cyclus::SqliteDb::Prepare ( std::string  sql)

Creates a sqlite prepared statement for the given sql.

See for an overview of how prepared statements work.

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◆ Query()

std::vector< StrList > cyclus::SqliteDb::Query ( std::string  cmd)

Execute an SQL query and return its results.

cmdan Sqlite compatible SQL query
a list of row entries
IOErrorSQL command execution failed (e.g. invalid SQL)

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