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cyclus::DynamicModule Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file dynamic_module.h.

#include <dynamic_module.h>


class  Closer

Public Member Functions

std::string path ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void CloseAll ()
static bool Exists (AgentSpec spec)
static AgentMake (Context *ctx, AgentSpec spec)

Member Function Documentation

void cyclus::DynamicModule::CloseAll ( )

Closes all statically loaded dynamic modules.

This should always be called before process termination. This must be called AFTER all agents have been destructed.

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bool cyclus::DynamicModule::Exists ( AgentSpec  spec)

Tests that an agent spec really exists.

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Agent * cyclus::DynamicModule::Make ( Context ctx,
AgentSpec  spec 

Returns a newly constructed agent for the given module spec.

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std::string cyclus::DynamicModule::path ( )

The path to the module's shared object library.

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