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cyclus::Dummy Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

DummyClone ()
 Dummy (Context *ctx)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cyclus::Region
virtual void Build (Agent *parent)
virtual void Decommission ()
virtual void EnterNotify ()
virtual void InfileToDb (InfileTree *qe, DbInit di)
virtual void InitFrom (QueryableBackend *b)
virtual void InitInv (Inventories &inv)
 Region (Context *ctx)
virtual void Snapshot (DbInit di)
virtual Inventories SnapshotInv ()
virtual std::string str ()
virtual void Tick ()
virtual void Tock ()
virtual ~Region ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cyclus::Agent
virtual void AdjustMatlPrefs (PrefMap< Material >::type &prefs)
virtual void AdjustProductPrefs (PrefMap< Product >::type &prefs)
 Agent (Context *ctx)
bool AncestorOf (Agent *other)
virtual Json::Value annotations ()
virtual void BuildNotify (Agent *m)
const std::set< Agent * > & children () const
Contextcontext () const
bool DecendentOf (Agent *other)
virtual void DecomNotify (Agent *m)
const int enter_time () const
const int exit_time () const
std::vector< std::string > GetTreePrintOuts (Agent *m)
virtual const int id () const
bool InFamilyTree (Agent *other)
const std::string kind () const
void lifetime (int n_timesteps)
const int lifetime () const
void lifetime_force (int n_timesteps)
Agentparent () const
const int parent_id () const
std::string PrintChildren ()
const std::string prototype () const
void prototype (std::string p)
virtual std::string schema ()
std::string spec ()
void spec (std::string new_impl)
virtual std::string version ()
virtual ~Agent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cyclus::TimeListener
virtual void Decision ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cyclus::Region
void InitFrom (Region *m)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cyclus::Agent
virtual std::string InformErrorMsg (std::string msg)
void InitFrom (Agent *m)
- Protected Attributes inherited from cyclus::Agent
std::string kind_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Dummy()

cyclus::Dummy::Dummy ( Context ctx)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

Dummy* cyclus::Dummy::Clone ( )

Returns a newly created/allocated prototype that is an exact copy of this.

All initialization and state cloning operations should be done in the agent's InitFrom(Agent*) function. The new agent instance should NOT be created using a default copy-constructor. New agent instances should generally be created using a constructor that takes a single Context argument (the same context of the agent being cloned). Example:

class MyAgentClass : virtual public Agent {
virtual Agent* Clone() {
MyAgentClass* m = new MyAgentClass(context());
return m;

Implements cyclus::Agent.

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