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cyclus::Decayer Class Reference

Detailed Description

Decayer is DEPRECATED. Use pyne::decayers::decay.

Definition at line 35 of file decayer.h.

#include <decayer.h>

Public Member Functions

void Decay (double secs)
 Decayer (const CompMap &comp)
void GetResult (CompMap &comp)
int n_tracked_nuclides ()
int TrackedNuclide (int i)
 ~Decayer ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Decayer()

cyclus::Decayer::Decayer ( const CompMap comp)

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◆ ~Decayer()

cyclus::Decayer::~Decayer ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Decay()

void cyclus::Decayer::Decay ( double  secs)

decay the material

secsthe number of seconds to decay

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◆ GetResult()

void cyclus::Decayer::GetResult ( CompMap comp)

set the composition from a CompMap

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◆ n_tracked_nuclides()

int cyclus::Decayer::n_tracked_nuclides ( )

the number of tracked nuclides

Definition at line 49 of file decayer.h.

◆ TrackedNuclide()

int cyclus::Decayer::TrackedNuclide ( int  i)

the tracked nuclide at position i

Definition at line 54 of file decayer.h.

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