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run_inputs Namespace Reference


class  Summary
class  TestFile


def check_inputs ()
def clean_catalogs (cyclus_path, catalogs)
def copy_catalogs (catalogs, cyclus_path)
def get_files (path)
def main ()
def main_body (flag)
def print_usage ()


string cyclus_path = "/home/mouginot/.local/include/cyclus/../../bin/cyclus"
string input_path = "/home/mouginot/work/app/cyclus/cycamore/../input"

Function Documentation

def run_inputs.check_inputs ( )
This function checks the input arguments

Definition at line 28 of file _tmp_build/bin/

References print_usage().

Referenced by main().

def run_inputs.clean_catalogs (   cyclus_path,
Removes previously copied catalogs from executable directory.

Definition at line 89 of file _tmp_build/bin/

Referenced by main_body().

def run_inputs.copy_catalogs (   catalogs,
Copies files in the catalogs list to the cyclus executable directory

Definition at line 83 of file _tmp_build/bin/

Referenced by main_body().

def run_inputs.get_files (   path)
This function walks the 'path' tree and finds input files

Definition at line 59 of file _tmp_build/bin/

Referenced by main_body().

def run_inputs.main ( )
This function finds input files, runs them, and prints a summary

Definition at line 23 of file _tmp_build/bin/

References check_inputs(), and main_body().

Referenced by run_inputs.TestFile.no_errors().

def run_inputs.main_body (   flag)

Definition at line 12 of file _tmp_build/bin/

References clean_catalogs(), copy_catalogs(), and get_files().

Referenced by main().

def run_inputs.print_usage ( )
This prints the proper way to treat the command line interface

Definition at line 43 of file _tmp_build/bin/

Referenced by check_inputs().

Variable Documentation

string run_inputs.cyclus_path = "/home/mouginot/.local/include/cyclus/../../bin/cyclus"

Definition at line 9 of file _tmp_build/bin/

string run_inputs.input_path = "/home/mouginot/work/app/cyclus/cycamore/../input"

Definition at line 10 of file _tmp_build/bin/